Ally & Alex

Ally and Alex tied the knot on August 20th in St Albans Registry office, famous for being the front door on the opening credits to that 1970’s comedy ‘Porridge’!

It was a slightly breezy day with the threat of rain looming in the sky above, however as I always find on days like this, there is usually someone or something up there making sure the sun shines in all the right places!

Ally looked stunning in her floaty boho dress from Needle and Thread, plus floral head gear, and Alex was dapper in blue suit/ floral tie combo.

This day had 4 elements to it each with their own amazing memorable moments.

The Registry office in St Albans with the big black doors and the Canon in front just asking to be sat on, those famous front doors and of course the beautiful ceremony!

The red bus ride to the pub reception in Bushy was THE most fun! Trying to balance and get around everyone on the bus with my camera and not fall on anyone (or down the stairs!) or spill anybody’s drink was a challenge in itself. Ally’s 97 year old nan wondering if she was at a party or a wedding was a classic line!

The group photos very rudely interrupted by a 12 hour old new member of the family! This was actually an amazing highlight of my wedding photography career….Ally’s best friend / sister in-law who was supposed to be a bridesmaid, just happened to give birth the day before the wedding so for obvious reasons couldn’t be a bridesmaid, however a quick drive-by after being released from hospital with her newborn, resulted in the most emotional moments I’ve witnessed at a wedding. The grandparents seeing their granddaughter for the first time was priceless. The look on everyones faces! There were so many tears of joy – I even shed a few myself! As one lady leaves her Bowers surname, another one takes it on! Welcome to the World baby Dulcie!

The Pub reception was super relaxed and chilled in the lead up to the speeches just as the rain came.

The speeches were another highlight, especially the round of ‘Play your cards wright’ – the entire marquee in stitches at this.

As the evening continued into the night it was apparent that Alex had a little surprise up his sleeve with a song he’d written especially for his new wife! ‘Welcome to the Family’, plus two of Ally’s friends pulled out all the stops with a redition of ‘Jesse J’s Price Tag’ including a self penned rap! Not to mention the band being totally out of this world!

I think its safe to say this was The Best Day Ever for Team Al! I’m so honoured I got to witness and be a part of such an amazing day!

Congratulations to Ally & Alex, Mr & Mrs Wright, Team Al.

Here’s some of the highlights!







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