Rachel & Scotts Amazing Day!

There is something extremely special about this wedding and I’ve never come across anything like it before! It was so fantastic to be a part of it and to feel like a part of our amazing community, Rachel and Scott had a vision and really pulled it off, I’m very proud of them and everyone involved! Here’s their story:

I met Rachel and Scott through a local community networking platform (the fantastic Love Your Doorstep!) and I was so exciting to hear about all their plans, especially that they wanted to resource all their suppliers from our local community! I asked Rachel if she could sum up their day and tell me about the people she used and what made it so special and she’s written such lovely words I’ve decided to just hand over the blog to her. I’ve never asked a bride to blog about their own wedding before but this could be the future!

Here’s what she says, in Rachels own words!

Scott and I actually first met at primary school, he was in the year above me. We met again years later in a pub (classy I know!) – I knew I recognised him, and he remembered me too – apparently it was my response to him telling me he was able to stroke his new tamagotchi pet that did it…my response was ‘yeah…if you like stroking plastic’ – my 10 year old self scarred him for life with that comment as he still mentions it to this day!
Anyway, I like to think its because of my amazing sense of humour and sarcastic streak, that we are where we are now!

We became engaged in 2009 and dragged our heels with getting married. In the mean time we bought a house and had our little boy Teddy. Once we decided the time was right, I knew I wanted to use as many local businesses from Love Your Doorstep as possible. We didn’t have long…I think it was just shy of three months from booking the wedding to the actual wedding day and I use LYDS for my own business too so I knew I could trust the team to recommend the perfect people for us. And they really did!!  Not only did they help me to find the right businesses to provide us with the services we required, they helped me find people who took the time to listen and understand exactly where we were coming from, the type of people we are and to understand what it was that they could do to make our day perfect.  Everyone was faultless. (The list of all involved is at the bottom of this post).  I do have to mention in particular three people: Barbara Ginty, she lives a few doors down and she came round to our home and listened to me babbling away about all our ideas, and she managed to decipher and make sense of what I meant.

I lost count of the amount of messages I sent her, most of them far too late in the day, but I always received a reply and honestly… the support from Barbara while I was panicking about my dress and the table plan I was making, was above and beyond amazing. The flowers and room set up was exquisite. The flowers are still being spoken about now!  I must also mention Kalia Costa…I’m not really a girly girl and I was petrified of all the make up and nails and beautifying as Kalia calls it. But she put me at ease straight away. She’s down to earth, chatty and a genuinely nice lady. I may have also sent Kalia some late night panic stricken texts, I think the one I remember the most was about waxing (at the time ….that needed to be asked there and then but in hindsight, maybe that could have waited till morning! oops!) Thank you Kalia for making me feel comfortable in my own skin and beautiful on my wedding day!

And last but not least…Carly! 
You were amazing on the day. I wasn’t worrying about where the camera was or how I should be standing or anything. It all just felt so natural and you made it fun, and I’m pretty sure that thanks to Kalia, we all might still be a little sparkly too! (there was an incident with a pot of glitter!)

I think the biggest testimonial (I hope that’s the right word) for you Carly, is that everyone I have spoken to who was at the wedding, has commented on how lovely you were (and your sparkly shoes!) And I think that says it all, you became part of our day which was incredible. The photos are beautiful, I can’t wait for us to put the album together! 

Sorry if this is too much, but lastly I would just like to thank EVERY ONE who helped make our day perfect. I cannot recommend you all enough and it means the world to Scott and I that you were all part of our special day xxx

So if you are from Enfield, North London or Hertfordshire and you’re getting married, then please have a look at some of the wonderful suppliers on www.loveyourdoorstep.co.uk


Photography – Kooky Weddings,

Cakes – Katy Bakey and Rebecca’s Cakes,

Shoes – Electric Heels (hand painted), – *YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE SHOES!!

Make up/nails/beautifying – Kalia Costa,

Hair – Katy Dickinson,

Venue – Royal Chase Hotel,

Flowers and Room Decoration – Flutterby Flowers,

Necklaces – My Precious Junk,

Lampshade gift – Tanya Yucel.


Here’s some photos! Enjoy..


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